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July 6, 2009


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today i got to go to a fortress and walk around than i went on this thing that is really high and you sit in it and it takes you to the bottom. kinf of scay but fun. i have pictures of it to show later. it stop half way down and that did it for me i was kind of scared. than we went to the shopping center there and had turkish food. i didnt know what i was eating i just picked it out and when i took my plate i looked up and there was a lamb leb roasting. than i looked down and onw of my dishes had meat and so i was not heppy about that since i dont eat lamb. sorry for not the right punctation. this keyboard is different and im not use to it. well good night to all. i get to sleep in tommorrow because we have know plans as of now. i know they will find something to do since there is nothing in Klenich. i just want to say thanks to jessice for the great DS. it was great coming it mad the time pass. it would be better if it could work on the way home but the battery died. just my luck.

July 5, 2009


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first of all thanks dad. the one of me sleeping was not for anyone to see. haha I’m doing great. went to Luxembourg today and Berncastle for dinner. I had the biggest plate of chinese food i was so full and we were about to leave and they told me i get dessert with it. omg it was horriable. but good. than in the parking lot outside margit tried teaching me to drive her car which is a stick and she was going to let me drive all the way home which is about an hour or so. Tommorrow i head to Köblez and i dont know after that. sorry i couldnät get on. ive been busy playing board games with gerd and margit which is a bad idea becasue they have been cheating. they talk to each other in german. well little did they know i understood some of it. haha and i told them and they stopped after that. Dad and mom german class paid off.

July 2, 2009

1 July

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We got an email from Erica today and she is doing great.  I am not sure if she is going to use this but I will post info for her. Sorry I know it is not them same.

June 10, 2009

Hello world!

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